Competition is fierce and you will not only need good business knowledge, but to be adept at managing projects and people. You will also have to be comfortable with a high level of responsibility right from the get-go. Entry-level jobs are not usually available unless you have a graduate degree.

People working in the industry fall into two categories – business managers or consultancy.  

Consultancy roles vary depending on whether you wish to specialise in providing business advice for a specific sector or to do so more generally.

Work for those in the business sector is varied and affords considerable freedom. You will regularly travel to liaise with clients and have the opportunity to become self-employed after you have gained sufficient experience.

As most business roles are centered around big cities, you will find it necessary to live in or within commuting distance of an urban area at least early on in your career.

The business sector represents an extremely profitable career path if you have the right skill set. Hours are long, but starting salaries are high and talented young professionals can progress rapidly.