Good communication skills and the ability to approach situations non-judgmentally are vital for success in the social work sector. You will also need to develop emotional resilience; you are guaranteed to come across highly upsetting and stressful scenarios in the course of your day-to-day work.

Work-life balance can sometimes prove difficult in this sector, as long and unsociable hours are often part and parcel of a career in social work. For instance, a counsellor will have to see clients who work 9-5 or go to school outside of those hours. Separating your life and work can emotionally can present an even more formidable challenge.

Candidates seeking a career in social work have the benefit of a very diverse branch of employers, including educational establishments, local authorities, charities and the NHS. Workplace are equally varied, and range from schools to council offices to clients’ houses to their own personal office spaces. Both full-time employment and freelance work are common.

This is a career in which having the right personality is as important as having the necessary qualifications. A combination of the two ensures that a career in the social work sector will afford you great job satisfaction.

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