Perhaps the greatest benefit of a transport career is that it offers the opportunity to travel to parts of the world you would otherwise never have seen. Every day will be different for you and your role combines the best parts of employment and freelance work.

Jobs in the transport industry pay good salaries, although the training is often lengthy and expensive. The ability to safely operate a train, helicopter or HGV will make you a highly skilled individual and once you have established yourself you will be in great demand.

Despite the freedom and travel that are part and parcel of roles in the transport sector, your job will be almost entirely sedentary. You will have to be disciplined about diet, exercise and posture in order to retain your physical health. The solitary nature of transport roles can also take an emotional toll on some members of the industry.

If the demands of a job in one place are your worst nightmare, you are sure to love the freedom and constantly dynamic environment of a career in transport.