The opportunity to work with animals is, for many people, a lifelong dream. However, it isn’t an easy path. You’ll need determination and persistence to break into the sector, in addition to practicality and a willingness to get your hands dirty (and possibly bitten!)

The pay in the industry can be low, the hours long and the roles themselves distressing at times due to the contact with sick, distressed or aggressive animals. Nonetheless, working in this sector  represents a highly rewarding career path for animal lovers.

Experience in the sector is mandatory in most roles, and some – such as careers in veterinary practice – require years of dedicated study.

Working with animals offers a wide range of jobs to suit different lifestyles, from a traditional 9-5 to the ability to work freelance and set your own schedule.

Careers in the animals sector require a range of skill sets. Those with good marks in biology and chemistry could consider a career in veterinary science or veterinary nursing, whereas active and outdoorsy types who like to set their own schedule could consider the role of a dog walker.