There are a range of different careers available in medicine, from hands-on treatment to purely academic research roles, so if you are passionate you will be able to find a related career path no matter where your talents lie. A relevant degree is necessary and in some cases many years of academic training.

The major UK employer for the medical sector is the NHS but you can also work for private practice or non-profit organisations depending on your preference. The NHS has a national pay band system but the salaries offered by other healthcare providers are much more flexible.

The schedule of many professionals in the medical industry is equally varied. Some spend almost all their time in a hospital or surgery; others, such as physiotherapists, regularly visit patients at home.

Most jobs in medicine are shift-based. Hours are long and evening and weekend work is common. As it deals with ill or injured people, healthcare jobs can be draining and very emotionally demanding.

Roles in this sector are among the most valuable and necessary in society. You may find that the difficulties of working in medicine are outweighed the knowledge that your expertise will help to improve and in some cases save the lives of others.