From the active careers of police officers to the office work of many intelligence agents, roles in the armed forces and emergency services take a myriad of forms to suit any type of person or lifestyle.

Entry requirements range from GCSE passes in English and maths to an extensive range of academic and/or physical requirements, depending on role.

Securing a role in this sector is far from easy. Careers in intelligence require undergoing an extensive interview process, whereas careers in in the police or army require strenuous physical training.

Careers in the armed forces and emergency services offer scope for advancement, as well as the ability to learn on the job constantly. Some employees in this sector will even receive funding from their employers to gain qualifications – ideal if you love to learn.

Hours in the industry can be long and the role also involves witnessing distressing things, such as aggression or injury, as well as impending threat on a regular basis. This can be difficult to deal with psychologically, so a balanced temperament is crucial.

Nevertheless if you’re hardworking and love a challenge, a career in the armed forces or emergency services may be a highly rewarding experience.